About Us

Tailor made for Singapore

Being local-based, we are aware of Singaporean’s needs and the evident market gap for home-based services. Our app is designed for the convenience of both locals and expats living in Singapore. We strive to make your lives easier.

Efficient helpline

We believe in valuing our customers and service providers the most. We are strongly invested in building a long-term dependable relationship with our all our clients. We guarantee to solve your problems and go above and beyond with our service. We take every complaint seriously and assist in refunds on a case-by-case approach.

Diversity is our backbone

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and races. We aim to implement the beauty in diversity of Singapore into our app. We have an open source of networking for service providers to showcase their business through our app and our marketing platforms. You will never be short of options.

Intricate reward system

We know how much Singaporeans love rewards. We serve to please. We have a comprehensive points system which will allow customers to redeem rewards and discounts to complement their shopping experience.

Quick booking and payment

We understand that Singapore is a fast-paced environment. In order to reduce your effort, we have a quick booking system with highly secured payment options. You can also pay using Hirelypay, for encrypted payments and refunds.

Reliable and trustworthy team

Reliable and trustworthy team

We value our customers and we understand their importance. Our team is dedicated to provide the best customer service possible. We are open to answering all your queries and will do our best to resolve your issue.


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